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In Architecture, there is quite important for structures to create a functional space. To give a place for an activity, we need a good space to be functioned as our desire. In this case, an activity container could be defined as a building which become an architecture object. Building needs approriate and strong structures to restrain the whole building itself. The relation with ‘Space Structure’ subject, that a space of the building can be created by supported structures. Certain type of structures creates certain space with certain form and determine what activity can happen in that space.

Aspects of ‘Space Structure’ in this essay contains:

• Man-Space-Roof

• Roof-Supports

• Structures: Frame-Plane-Volume

• Space-stucture

• Anatomy: Structure/ non elements


As explainned before that human being always does some activities everyday. To do some activities we need a space ‘in door’ or ‘out door’. These space (in door / out door) called a container of activity with various forms.

However, most of our activities held in closed door. In this case, the space we used to do some activities is a building which is an architecture object. Human being wants surrounded by walls or partitions to keep the privacy during do some activities. Besides, people wants covered from rain, sun shine, and other disturbing things that threaten them. In order to covered from rain and sun shine then roof is needed. Roof is important element to covered human being from rain and sun shine.


Roof can not stand without supports, we need frame structures to support the roof so can be functioned as our planned. Roof structure influence the form of roof itself and influence the shape of created space.

Structure express 3 characters: Frame, to express freedom in activity because of light character and unmassive form; Plane, to devide a space into more spaces; and Volume, the contain of the space itself, ussually use geometric form such as rectangle, etc.

Various of structure forms determine a certain space with various forms, each structures has own character and of course the shape that created by its structure has own special characteristic. The expression of a building with certain structure created from compositions:

• Point

• Line

• Plane

• Volume

There is anatomy of building in architecture. This anatomy influence expression and aesthetics of a building visually. Building anatomy is important part to express structures that creates space, there are:

• Lower Part, deal the building with the surface of the earth.

• Middle Part, to connect the horizontal parts.

• Upper Part, constitute building roof which functioned as protector of whole building, especially to cover the space that we use to do some activities.


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