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10 Essential Architects of the Twentieth Century


Architects are specialists that need to be highly skilled and talented in design and planning and render services in connection with the design and construction of buildings. Architecture varies greatly depending on the taste and style of the architect, and has generally evolved over the years. The following architects had their impact on architecture in the 20th century:

1. Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect and interior designer who designed more than 1,00 projects in his lifetime. Wright’s architecture work includes office buildings, schools, hotels, churches, and museums. Wright’s most popular and recognized work is probably the Solomon Guggenheim Museum in New York City, which is located on the city’s popular Fifth Avenue. Wright died in April of 1959, and was acknowledged in 1991 by the American Institute of Architects as being the greatest American architect of all time.

2. Frank Owen Gehry

Frank Owen Gehry is a Candian-American architect based in California. Gehry’s works include homes, offices, buildings and museums, which have become tourists attractions because of their distinct shapes and appearances. Gehry was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1989. A few of Gehry’s most well known works include the Guggenheim Museum in Spain, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the Dancing House Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, and the Weisman Art Museum in Minneapolis.

3-4. Charles and Ray Eames

Having a major contribution to modern architecture, couple Charles and Ray Eames were American born architects. Together they are well known for their works such as The Mathematica Exhibition, the Eames House and several other houses and churches. The Eames duo achieved international success also as designers of rugs, toys, stage and movie sets as well. The pair also won several awards and medals for their works in architecture and worked in modern furniture designs, which are also well known.

5. Kevin Roche

An Irish-American architect famous for his creativity with glass structures, Kevin Roche has been the recipient of many awards and prizes for his works. Roche, whose works can be seen in the US, France, Singapore, Ireland, and Spain has been the architect behind several museums, corporate headquarters, theaters, and universities. Some of Roche’s most notable works include the Ford Foundation Building and U. N. Plaza in New York, the Bank of America Plaza in Atlanta, and the Convention Centre Dublin in Ireland.

6. Le Corbusier

A Swiss architect, designer, and painter, Le Corbusier is famous for being one of the pioneers of modern architecture. Le Corbusier has major buildings and projects in Switzerland, France, Germany, and India, amongst many others. Of the many structures such as museums, homes, and churches Le Corbusier created, some of his best works included the Villa Savoye and The Notre Dame du Haut in France, and the Open Hand Monument in India.

7. Paolo Soleri

Paolo Soleri is an Italian-American architect who has won several awards and lifetime achievements and is known for his ecology based projects. Soleri has had his work exhibited in various forms worldwide and is well known for Cosanti, his residence and a gallery located in Arizona, which includes an “Earth House”, student dorms, studios, a swimming pool, and his residence.

8. Luis Barragan

Considered the most influential architect in Mexico, Luis Barragan was a self-trained architect. Barragan’s work, mostly done in Mexico, was influenced by European modernism of his time. Barragan was honored with prizes such as the Pritzker Prize in 1980. The home he built for himself in 1948, now a museum, was listed a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2004.

9. Kenzo Tange

Known for combining modernism with traditional Japanese architecture, Japanese architect Kenzo Tange designed significant structures on 5 continents. Tange, who had numerous awards, medals and praises for his work, is well known for his many designs including, St. Mary’s Cathedral in Tokyo, the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, and the Tokyo Olympic Arenas.

10. Alvaro Siza

Alvaro Siza is a Portugese architect, whom has won many awards and prizes over his lifetime for his work and is one of the best known Portugese architects of the 20th century. One of Siza’s most famous designs is the Faculty of Architecture Building of the University of Porto. Siza’s contemporary designs can be seen in restaurants, pools, schools, buildings, and houses he has designed over the years.

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